My love for books based on video games (and the other way around)

I’m truly a sucker for a good book, and it is even better when it is based on, or the basis for a video game that I love too. I have collected a few series of books that are based on game franchises that I love, and they really add in more lore that you would otherwise not know about. Sometimes I find the books before I find the games, but most often it is the other way around. I don’t really think that it matters which order I find things in, as long as I enjoy the material and the stories that are being told.

Dragon Age

Years ago, I speed-read through the first five Dragon Age books so fast that I almost got whiplash from it. They all tell the stories of both major and minor characters from the Dragon Age universe and I love every single one of them. Recently, my friend was so kind to me, purchasing one of the comics, and the sixth book that contains little stories from around Thedas for me. I have read through a few of the stories, and so far they are quite enjoyable! I think my favorite books out of the bunch is Masked Empire and Asunder. In Masked Empire we get to know more about Empress Celene, and in Asunder we get to know the sort of origin story for Cole, one of the companions from Dragon Age: Inquisition. I highly recommend the books for anyone who likes and/or loves Dragon Age as they are really interesting and provides you with more background knowledge for the games.

The Elder Scrolls

In contrast to the Dragon Age books that provide further lore for existing characters, the Elder Scrolls books are merely just set in the same universe. They are pretty interesting, and tell stories that are worth reading. Honestly, I didn’t feel as hyped about these in contrast to the Dragon Age books, but they are interesting anyway. I received the Infernal City in my special edition version of Skyrim, and the second one, Lord of Souls, my friend kindly bought for me. I would recommend these for anyone who enjoy the Elder Scrolls games in general, who doesn’t expect the novels to be based too much on really well known characters.


This book is probably my favorite one out of all the books I own. It tells the story of how the city of Rapture came to be, and it is so interesting. The Bioshock games have a really special place in my heart, and I just recently got to play through the Burial at Sea DLC for Bioshock Infinite. The DLC shows rapture before the events of the first two games, and it was so special to get to see the city in its full glory as it was described in the Rapture novel. If you love the games and you’re interested in how Andrew Ryan built the city, and how Fontaine ended up there, I would definitely recommend reading this, it’s great.

Metro 2033

These two (there is a third, too, but I haven’t had the chance to purchase it yet) are an example of books coming out BEFORE the games. The Metro games are based on these two books, and it is such an interesting story. I have to admit that I did play the game before I read the book, mostly because dystopian fiction wasn’t as popular here in Norway as the dystopian games were. I do not regret purchasing these after I played the games though, they are a great read, and a little bit spooky. Most of the story is based in the Moscow metro system, hence the name “Metro”, and although the story can feel a bit claustrophobic at times, it is pretty good. If you have played the games, I would recommend reading the books too, and the other way around. I just wish I had the chance to read them before the game so I that I could have visualized the world myself first, but that is just a personal preference.

Have you read any books based on games, or played any games based on books? I’m sure there is a lot of game related literature out there that I don’t know about yet, and I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

27 thoughts on “My love for books based on video games (and the other way around)

  1. Haven’t had read any books based on games and to play ones, guess I’m the kind that still miss out the wonders of games.

    but reading this, i may have to check out especially Bioshock and The Elder Scrolls. Thank you for sharing this!.


    1. There’s not as many dragons in it as it sounds like, but there is a badass archdemon that takes on the form of a dragon, at least! I’m sure she would love the books x


  2. I have Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne on my laptop, but lately, I’ve been exclusively listening to audiobooks so I haven’t gotten around to reading it 😅
    Rapture sounds so interesting too!


  3. I have never heard of this before. I never knew there were books based on videogames and I never knew there were videogames based on books either but this sounds like an interesting concept. I have never heard of any of these books or games. I will have to check them out.


  4. agirlwithaview1

    I haven’t read any of these books or played the games but never really knew how many games were based off of books so this was such an interesting read. Thanks for sharing!

    Tash – A Girl with a View


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