DIY Simple Watercolor Easter Egg Cards

As Easter is pretty much here, it is definitely time for Easter themed arts and crafts. This is a simple craft project that you could do by yourself or with younger kids. It does not require a lot of equipment and I’ll include a short list of everything I used below. All you need is your preferred paint of choice (watercolor, acrylic, gouache, oil?), a water cup, paint brushes, a pair of scissors (safety scissors for younger kids), suitable paper for the paint type you chose, and possibly some pens. This was just a quick thing to make, and I tried to make it look kind of childish so that I could give them to my parents and pretend this was just like when I was in middle school.

What I used:

  • Panduro Watercolor A4 Paper Pad 180 gsm (I recommend closer to 300 gsm to avoid warping the paper)
  • Panduro Watercolor Brushes number 4 and number 2
  • Panduro 24 Pan Watercolor Set
  • Sense Pärlemo Pearly 12 Pan Watercolor Set
  • A pair of household scissors
  • A cup of water for rinsing, and a second cup of water to pick up more water for diluting the watercolor

(DISCLAIMER: I’m not sponsored by Panduro, it is just the most convenient place to find and buy my art supplies from, as far as I know).

What I like to do is that I usually paint the background first, whether its pastel, a solid color or very detailed. When you paint the background, I would recommend taping down the edges of the paper to prevent it from warping. After I finish the background, I trace the shape I want the cutouts to be. In this case, it is of course an egg shape since it is an easter themed craft project after all. I made a pale gradient going from yellow through pink, and then to blue. While the paint was still damp, I took a paper towel and gently dabbed at the paint to make some texture. After the first layer or paint dried, I folded the paper in half twice. I traced an egg shape, letting one side of the egg be on the side where several folds meet. I then cut out the egg shape and ended up with two folded cards.

The next step now is to decide how to decorate the eggs. Should I keep it simple, or go for some elaborate Fabergé egg kind of thing? I decided to keep it as simple as possible just to keep the spirit of kids possibly painting these. I painted some patterns on one of the eggs, and then I went for a sort of colorblock style on the other. The lighter colors like pink and purple are pearly and shiny, while the darker ones like the blue are solid colors. It’s completely fine to paint with more opaque paints like acrylic or gouache too, it all comes down to preference. The gradient background doesn’t show too much on camera, but it is a lot more visible in real life.

The result is very simple, yet kind of colorful and fun. For the colorblock style of egg, I just used a fine liner pen to draw in some text and a carrot, taking advantage of the natural divide between green and orange. It is related to the Easter bunny so it is quite fitting for Easter. This isn’t quite as fun as painting actual eggs, but it is pretty close! Remember, there’s no pressure to make these look perfect, the whole charm of DIY’s is the little flaws and imperfections that comes with making something yourself.

Do you have an Easter DIY you do every year, or one you remember from your childhood? I didn’t get to paint eggs often as my dad was allergic and we didn’t keep any in the house. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t get to do any DIY projects at all. Happy Easter! 🐰🥚

20 thoughts on “DIY Simple Watercolor Easter Egg Cards

  1. We don’t paint Easter decorations but we do cut some branches and foliage from the garden and decorate it with eggs and things. I love how calming your cards sound to make though, I could definitely get on board with that!


  2. This came at a great time because I was actually looking into buying some watercolours. I used to use them a lot when I studied art at School, but haven’t since. But this is a great idea, and something fun for Easter too! x


  3. These are the cutest! I think I decorated eggs once? But found it too hard so didn’t do it again 🙈 My mum and I used to make easter bookmarks when I was younger which was fun 🙂 x


  4. I never do any DIY any time of year because I’m not creative and don’t have the patience but I like to see other people’s creations and I remember I always used to love creating cards when I was younger!


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