LYKO Lovables Easter Candy Box

*this post is NOT sponsored, I purchased this with my own money, and all opinions are my own.

Lyko is an online beauty shopping site similar to BeautyBay, Ulta and the like. It is unfortunately only available to residents of Norway. Ever so often, they have these themed boxes full of exciting skincare and make up products. This year, for Easter, I saw that they had this egg-shaped box advertised on their website, and I was quick to order one. The boxes usually sell out super fast, so I had to do it right away. It took 3-4 days for it to arrive since I ordered it right before the weekend, so that is totally acceptable. Let’s take a look at what was inside of the box. I paid around £30 for this box, including shipping.

Lumene Nordic C-brightening Gel Mask 15 ml

This is a sample/travel size product, described as a “luminous gel mask that exfoliates your skin with mild and natural AHA acids from Nordic cloudberry vinegar”.

Upon using it, I did discover that you really don’t need too much at a time, so you would possibly be able to use it several times, depending on how thick you layer it on.

It is quite a nice mask, but I’m not too sure about how brightening it is. I alternate between a few Hyaluronic Acid serums, and one happens to be from the same range as this, so I paired those and it left my skin feeling quite hydrated and nice. I would recommend maybe trying a sample size of this, and not just jump into purchasing a full size before seeing whether it does something for your skin.

Clarins Eyes Wonder Perfect MiniMascara 4D 3 ml

This is another sample size, described as a “super mascara that is not only giving us life, but also gives you 4 dimensions of perfect lashes: thicker, longer, curved and defined”.

I have yet to try this, as I want to finish using my current mascara first, but all of the promises it is making has me curious. I haven’t really heard about this before, so maybe it is not a mascara people like? We’ll see, for all I know, this could end up being my new favorite.

BJÖRK Forma Texture 100 ml

This is a travel size, described as a “spray for texture and volume. This lifesaver will make your hair soft and pliable with a flexible strength that can be reshaped throughout the day. Perfect for all hair types, colors and textures”.

This is a typical texture spray, and the first thing I noticed about it is the smell. I’m so used to dry shampoos that smell really good, so this having the “classic” hair spray smell caught me off guard. It does do the job though, it gives my hair volume and a bit of hold. As long as I can get past the smell, it is a great product! It is a decent size to try out, too.

Filorga Optim-Eyes Eye Countour Cream 15 ml

This is a sample size described as “an eye cream with Melaton-Eyes Technology complex with chrysin to reduce dark circles, peptides to fight swelling and hyaluronic acid against fine lines. Instant triple effect!”

First of all, the little card lists this as 15 ml, but the sample size is actually (just) 4 ml. I understand that they wouldn’t include a full size eye cream since they are often quite expensive, but they should absolutely list the sample size instead of the full size. I haven’t tried this product yet as I’m still working on getting through another eye cream before I open this. I am excited to try it though, since it claims to be a three-in-one type of product. We will see!

Peter Thomas Roth Skin To Die For Primer 7,5 ml

This is a sample size make up primer describes as “an outstanding primer with a natural matte finish and an instant erasing effect. Helps you create an even surface, fill up lines and minimize the look of pores”.

This is an okay primer, really! To be fair, I did compare it to the Dr Brandt tinted primer that I have been using, and that is super high end and about twice the price. It is a completely scentless primer, which is good! It did feel a little silicone-y, then a bit powder-like after. It is similar in texture to the Dr Brandt primer I use, but it is not my favorite out of the two. I will use it though, it would be a waste to just throw it away.

TONYMOLY Blackhead SteamBalm 30g

This is a full-size product, described as an “effective, self-heating cleansing balm that wipes your pores and removes blackheads and dead skin cells using charcoal and sea salt. Your skin becomes smooth and hydrated thanks to vitamin E and egg yolk”.

This was honestly why I ended up purchasing this box. I love k-beauty, so when I saw a full size product included, I just had to get it. This balm feels super nice on the skin. You’re supposed to massage it into your skin for about five minutes, and it heats up a bit and it’s so relaxing. It left my skin feeling so soft and clean and I love it to bits.

NARCISO RODRIGUEZ Musc Noir For Her 4 ml

Then there’s the dreaded perfume sample, described as a “modern and sensual scent to praise your inner beauty. Start your day (or night) with a tiny splash, and don’t be too surprised when people bow down as you walk by”.

This is a very strong scent, so you definitely do not need a lot of it at a time. The top note is plum, the middle note is heliotrope and musk, and the bottom note is suede. It is a very musky scent, as you can tell. I can’t decide whether I like it. I am very picky when it comes to scents, but I’ll still use up the sample anyway. I usually go for either a sweeter scent, or something woodsy. My favorite scent is Cuir de Nuit by Yves Rocher, which is basically a mix of vanilla, coffee, cocoa and rose pepper.

LÖWENGRIP Sleeping Sensation Hydrating Mask 100 ml

This is another full-sized product, a hydrating mask described as a “nourishing face mask enriched with active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and sepitonic M3 that moisturizes and soothes sensitive and reactive skin. This mask has a smoothing and repairing effect”.

This is a really nice mask, but it honestly feels more like a thick moisturizer. I prefer using this before bed and sleeping with it on my face like it recommends. It also says you can keep it on for about 15 minutes before rinsing it off. It works both ways, but for me I’ve seen better results from keeping it on my skin overnight. It is quite a nice moisturizer/mask and I would definitely recommend it.

Merci Handy Dolce Vita Hand Cream 30 ml

This is the last product, and the last full-sized product, too! A hand cream describes to “make your hands soft as cotton. We proudly present the cream of the crop, made with lots of amour in France”.

Originally, the box was supposed to feature a unicorn version of this hand cream, with glitter and everything. I’m not disappointed by this though, it smells lovely and it leaves my hands feeling so soft. Hand creams are a must nowadays when I constantly use antibacterial gels and whatnot whenever I touch anything at the grocery store. I’ve used this a few times and I like it a lot. I love that is a full-size product too, no skimping out on the last item.

So, that is everything that came in the box! For about £30, it was quite a good deal. Especially considering that the TONYMOLY balm is about 2/3 of the price of the box. The rest just feels like great bonus items. I also liked how many products that were featured. I’m too used to sample subscription boxes that “only” feature 4-5 products, so receiving 9 where 3 (!!) where full-size was a nice change. I would happily check out future boxes from Lyko too, since this one was such a success.

How do you feel about boxes like this? Do you like them? Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes where you get samples in a similar way? I would love to hear your thoughts about this!

7 thoughts on “LYKO Lovables Easter Candy Box

  1. I never heard of this box but it sounds great, a shame they don’t deliver outside Norway! Really loved the brightening gel mask and the hydrating mask! Thanks for sharing x


  2. This is a cute box & that’s nice there were a few full-size products! I haven’t tried the Clarins mascara before so you’ll have to let me know if it’s any good!
    The TONYMOLY balm sounds so interesting & I hate getting perfume samples because I very rarely like the scent & a lot of them give me a headache.
    The box was definitely a great buy though!


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